The Resurrection of Tazeneen

Campaign Kick Off

Introducing the Plot - dun dun duuuun!

The Kingdom of Totan has been a prosperous one for many generations. Ruled by a semi-democratic leadership, they have been able to build a strong industry of wine production and fishing. Recently though, stress with the nation of Sueso over trade taxes has caused some of the harbors to see a decline in business, especially within the city of Macrila.

Radoslav Danica, the owner of Danica Trading Lines, has had to cut the pay of some workers to cover the increased taxes incurred and has had a few dock workers on her payroll spreading a negative attitude to other employees. She has asked you to figure out which employees have been behind this and to offer them a small apology basket.

She assures you that she is currently working on a way to cut costs in other parts of her business, but that shifting around components takes time. If asked, she says to tell employees that she should have their pay back up to normal by the end of the month (23 days from now).

Why You?

I’d like for you to come up with this for your character. What is your connection to the Danica Trading Lines in Macrila and why does Radoslav think that you have the ability to find the person who has been spreading negative vibes around the docks?

Are you related? Do you work for them? Have you worked there in the past? Did she want to hire an unrelated 3rd party? Come up with your own connection this event.



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