The Resurrection of Tazeneen

Session 1 Recap - The Kickoff

Character Creation and Demo Combat

We gathered up for the first session of the campaign last night to largely focus on building out characters, laying the groundwork for the campaign, and introducing some of the players new to DnD how the combat system works.

The Party Thus Far:

I have given the group until our next session to ask questions freely about the setting, campaign, and region before I require their characters to learn information on their own in game. The questions can be asked in our forum HERE.

Below I’m linking some additional content on the campaign and region that it takes place in.

About the Area:

  • The Land of Tazeneen: A quick look at the actual geographic setting and region that the campaign takes place in.
  • Totan: An overview of the Nation in which the campaign starts.
  • Macrila: An overview of the City in which the campaign starts. This also contains a link to the full size map of the city.

The Campaign Kickoff:

Key People



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