Population: 16,734

Macrila is a port city on the eastern coast of the Sea of Shantal. It serves as Totan’s primary trade city and exports the country’s wine and various other products out to the other sea bound nations.

Because of the large amount of trade that passes through the city, it has the largest concentration of wealth within the nation and many large villas can be found along the hill tops ringing the port.

The port, while rougher than most other parts of the town, is actually fairly well mannered as far as ports go. This is largely due to the work of Martin Thais, head of the City Guard. Martin has spent much of his life gathering favor with the different trading companies and dock worker unions to make sure they respect the city guards authority, yet at the same time, he has worked to make sure enough blind eyes are turned to keep a sense of freedom and privacy that is so often sought after among the docks.

Recent political stress with the Kingdom of Sueso has caused some concern throughout the docks as of late. Sueso has been demanding an increase in taxes collected on incoming trade goods and has been threatening military power to prevent trade with nations who refuse. For many nations this is a small hassle and if desired they could trade elsewhere, however, for Totan, almost all of it’s water-based trade must pass near the Kingdom of Sueso.

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  • Twillow Lane – The party’s local territory. A mid sized road in a decent part of town that runs about 3 blocks between the artery roads of Canith and Draven’s Street.


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