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The world of Tazeneen is a bubble. For over 500 years the intelligent races have hidden behind the towering mountains and cliffs that ring its sides. Much of what befell the world and caused the survivors to gather here has been lost. Only a few scholars that study the old libraries have clues, and even those are often only pieces of the bigger picture.

However, time, as always, erases the pain of the past. And the nations of Tazeneen have slowly been inching out of their safe haven, sampling the hard world outside. This change has brought turmoil to the lands. Many feel like going outside the safe walls could bring danger to all of the inhabitants, however others see outside the walls as the only option to grow their prospering nations.

Credits and Notes:

While the world, characters, and story is of my own making. Since this is just set up to be a fun and casual game among friends, I did not have the time or budget to create/commission many of the art and maps used within it. If you find something of yours on here and would like me to add it to the Credits page, please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message.

Main Page

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