The Land of Tazeneen

The Tazeneen:

The Tazeneen is a depression in the ground ringed by steep cliffs and mountains on all sides. Long home to the indigenous people of Nigora, when the great calamity befell the world, people from all across the world fled to this protected area.

The Tazeneen is no small valley or depression. It stretches North to South almost 900 miles and at it’s widest, nearly 500 miles.

To give you a comparison, the Tazeneen has a footprint of nearly 318,113 sq miles. The state of Texas has a footprint of 268,596 sq miles.

With horse, it takes an average of 39 days to traverse from the southern most edge to the northern most tip. The record was set by Sal Bandal who made it in just under 12 days (He swapped horses every night to make this time), while the shortest single horse time was accomplished in just under 18 days.


With it’s size, the climate of the Tazeneen varies greatly. To the south is a great desert that most nations have chosen to forego their claims of, while to the north around the Sea of Shantal lies a great rain forest. Most of the depression is moderately wooded with broad sweeping plains across it’s interior. As you move up into the mountains around it’s borders, temperatures can rapidly decrease. Many peaks have snow on them throughout much of the year.


Northern Tazeneen:

Southern Desert of Tazeneen:

Western Rain Forests of Tazeneen:

Eastern Chaparal Hills of Tazeneen:


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The Land of Tazeneen

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