Population: 465,120

Totan is a prosperous nation along the Eastern Coast of the Sea of Shantal. With a mountainous coast line filled with islands and stable weather patterns, Totan has become famous for its vineyards and mead.

Totan is run with a partially democratic system. The King rules from the date of their election till they are unable to perform their duties anymore. Because of this, the election ceremony for a new king is a huge ordeal that normally results in weeks of feastings and parties. Local magistrates and mayors are re-elected on 5 year cycles through the use of a coin based system. Lower level positions are applied for and given out based on experience and merit.

The Voting Coin:
A tradition started nearly a hundred years ago, each year cities melt down and re-issue a certain number of special “voting coins” for elections. The number of voting coins issued varies by year and is based on a rough population census. They are then given out at stations throughout the city until they run out. While there has been some fraudulent activity around the tradition, for the most part the results have been well received.


  • Drophis (Capital) – 12,285 residents
  • Macrila – 16,734 residents
  • Glalo – 4,950 residents
  • Other Towns (4) -

Key People:

  • King


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