The Tazeneen is what they have always called the deep depression in the ground where we live. Stories say that centuries ago a great calamity befell the world and the civilized races took shelter within this great valley. For years, the steep cliffs that ring the land protected our kingdoms and allowed us to rebuild anew.

Now, generations upon generations later, many have forgotten the horrors that lead us to where we are now. Some know parts, or have heard the stories passed down around the campfire, but only a few sages who study the old libraries truly have an understanding of what befell our world.

The truth is that while the initial danger has passed, in it’s wake, and in our absence, the world has become a dangerous place that we no longer understand. Many have attempted to explore beyond the walls, few have actually made it back. Yet there are some that have endured. And that has instilled a sense of hope and tension throughout the land. Change is coming.


The Land of Tazeneen | The Kingdoms of Tazeneen | 5E Basics

This campaign is currently in the creation stage. Players are formulating characters as the final steps are put into place for their triumphant arrival into the world.

The Resurrection of Tazeneen

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