The Resurrection of Tazeneen

When in doubt, attempt to climb a building
Session 4

As the group progresses towards the mountains surrounding the Tazeneen. One of the lead surveyors takes them off on a side trek to check out a nearby town that has been abandoned for years. Her maps refer to a tall bell tower on a church there that can be used to double check and update her maps.

The group arrives without incident, but are tracked by a small group of worgs. Lingolina is out patrolling the church when she comes face to face with two of the worgs. In fear, she attempts to climb the church.. to which she fails terribly and suffers some pretty severe wounds before the rest of the party is able to come to her rescue.

As the rest of the pack arrives, the group was able to group up and overcome them. Pretty serious injuries were sustained and Bojank was almost killed by his wounds.

The survey was wrapped up and the group heads back to the rest of the caravan. However, it appears like they might still have some worgs trailing their travels.

Some where in here worgs heads were cut off, put on stakes and their skins used as a tent… I’m not really sure what happened there.. :P

Heading into the Danger!
Session 3

Alright, I did a terrible job keeping up with recaps already! The group decided to leave the city and seek their fortunes in the mountains that surround the Tazeneen. They joined a survey group as guards. They received a small upfront payment with the offer of a large sum upon their return (if they survive).

The journey is expected to take several weeks.

Deescalated Trouble and Guys Expired - Per Imsh
Session 2

Session Recap: Per Imsh.

We deescalated the troubles at the docks and passed the info to radoslav. We got paid. Job done. Then we fought a bad dock gang and got some $$. Or at least that was the plan. Instead, Imsh made a drinking buddy with one. Then Temperance is accosted outside and knocked out. Bojangles did some sword stuff and I stabbed a bad guy! He died. Kristen made the other bad dude think he crapped his pants. I took a 5 dmg punch. And I laughed it off. Temperance burned a dude and he expired.


Campaign and Setting Intro Guide
Because some people...

I know that some people struggle to navigate the wiki and find key information, especially when only just starting to get to know the setting. So I built an intro guide for my players to quickly be able to acclimate themselves. It also includes spots for notes that they can take as they encounter things throughout the campaign.

Here is link to a PDF version of the guide

Maps Live
Tazeneen and Marcela Maps

I have added a map of the Tazeneen and a City Map of Marcila to the Maps section of the site. Take a second to check them out. They will be updated as the campaign progresses.

You can click the image below to jump to the map page:


Session 1 Recap - The Kickoff
Character Creation and Demo Combat

We gathered up for the first session of the campaign last night to largely focus on building out characters, laying the groundwork for the campaign, and introducing some of the players new to DnD how the combat system works.

The Party Thus Far:

I have given the group until our next session to ask questions freely about the setting, campaign, and region before I require their characters to learn information on their own in game. The questions can be asked in our forum HERE.

Below I’m linking some additional content on the campaign and region that it takes place in.

About the Area:

  • The Land of Tazeneen: A quick look at the actual geographic setting and region that the campaign takes place in.
  • Totan: An overview of the Nation in which the campaign starts.
  • Macrila: An overview of the City in which the campaign starts. This also contains a link to the full size map of the city.

The Campaign Kickoff:

Key People

Hah! Only almost a year late...

Alright, we’ve got a start date scheduled! That means it’s time to start fleshing out the details behind the campaign. I’ve purposefully left the world pretty vague to allow me freedom to adjust and grow regions as the story changes.

That being said, hidden from the standard Wiki view is a pretty large plot and story plan :) Just stay tuned if you want to see it unfold.

Campaign Kick Off
Introducing the Plot - dun dun duuuun!

The Kingdom of Totan has been a prosperous one for many generations. Ruled by a semi-democratic leadership, they have been able to build a strong industry of wine production and fishing. Recently though, stress with the nation of Sueso over trade taxes has caused some of the harbors to see a decline in business, especially within the city of Macrila.

Radoslav Danica, the owner of Danica Trading Lines, has had to cut the pay of some workers to cover the increased taxes incurred and has had a few dock workers on her payroll spreading a negative attitude to other employees. She has asked you to figure out which employees have been behind this and to offer them a small apology basket.

She assures you that she is currently working on a way to cut costs in other parts of her business, but that shifting around components takes time. If asked, she says to tell employees that she should have their pay back up to normal by the end of the month (23 days from now).

Why You?

I’d like for you to come up with this for your character. What is your connection to the Danica Trading Lines in Macrila and why does Radoslav think that you have the ability to find the person who has been spreading negative vibes around the docks?

Are you related? Do you work for them? Have you worked there in the past? Did she want to hire an unrelated 3rd party? Come up with your own connection this event.

Moving Slow
The Joy of the Little Things

Alright, things have been delayed, but don’t fret! This Campaign is GOING to happen, and soon! Right now me and karma are in the midst of a move and Lutz is in the midst of getting married, so things have been a little crazy.

Right now I am shooting to try and hold a session the first week of June. In the mean time, I’ve been progressing on building NPC’s, characters and adventures :D


Two Characters Enter the World
Something Witty Inserted Here

Two players have successfully completed their characters and are ready to start our campaign next week.

First, there is Abaddon- The Half-Orc Barbarian, who is seeking to prove himself after losing his tribe in an eating contest. He now uses his anger to build order in the world where he feels there is none.

Joining him is the alluring Tiefling, Temperance whose sorceress powers have kept her safe in a dangerous life. While allowing her to manipulate others to do her bidding.

Two more shall soon join these heroes as they solve the epic mission of the Negative Nancy Employee.


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