The Resurrection of Tazeneen

When in doubt, attempt to climb a building

Session 4

As the group progresses towards the mountains surrounding the Tazeneen. One of the lead surveyors takes them off on a side trek to check out a nearby town that has been abandoned for years. Her maps refer to a tall bell tower on a church there that can be used to double check and update her maps.

The group arrives without incident, but are tracked by a small group of worgs. Lingolina is out patrolling the church when she comes face to face with two of the worgs. In fear, she attempts to climb the church.. to which she fails terribly and suffers some pretty severe wounds before the rest of the party is able to come to her rescue.

As the rest of the pack arrives, the group was able to group up and overcome them. Pretty serious injuries were sustained and Bojank was almost killed by his wounds.

The survey was wrapped up and the group heads back to the rest of the caravan. However, it appears like they might still have some worgs trailing their travels.

Some where in here worgs heads were cut off, put on stakes and their skins used as a tent… I’m not really sure what happened there.. :P



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