Martin Thais

Head of the local guard in Macrila


Martin is the head of the local guard in Macrila. Despite his age, many refer to him endearingly as the Buccaneer of Macrila. He has kept up his figure well and wears his white hair only slightly kept. Rarely does he wear the uniform of the local guard, instead favoring a lighter garb.


Many find Martin rather fetching despite his age, although much of it has to do with his personality. Pushing into his 50’s, he has kept his charm and upbeat personality throughout his life.

Optimistic, Flighty, Chivalrous, Humorous.

He is quite brazen with his beliefs and very flirtatious with those around him. This fact has occasionally gotten him into trouble, but his excursions are normally well meaning, even if his lover for the night viewed their relationship as much more than it was. Some also take his nature as one of carelessness, but his track record so far has kept most people quiet.

Despite his flighty nature, Martin truly does care about the people of the city, and not just the wealthy. He will often go well out of his way to assist the poor and those in need. As he goes about his daily job, he is normally followed by a retinue of young homeless children who refer to him as Uncle Marty.

Martin Thais

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