Radoslav Danica

Owner of Danica Trading Lines


Radoslav is a confident, if slightly brusque, woman who helms one of the largest trading companies in Totan. She stands around 5’ 8" and while still considered to be very attractive by many, the stress of her job, especially in the last year has begun to show on her face.

  • Confident, Industrious, Traditional, Brusque, Fair.
  • Never Married: While rumors of lovers have popped up from time to time, Radoslav has never been married and has been heard jokingly referring to her career as her Mistress.
  • Trained Wood-Worker. Often will help carve the fine details on new ships for their fleet. Enjoys having a hand in a physical aspect of her company.
  • Danica Trading Lines is one of the largest trading companies based out of Totan.
    • Company was previously owned by her father who passed away (along with her mother) when a sudden storm overcame their sailing vessel 10 years ago. Radoslav quickly proved herself up to the task of running the company and has been helming it ever since.

Radoslav Danica

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