Creatures and Threats of Tazeneen

Inside the Tazeneen

The Tazeneen itself is a fairly safe place when it comes to the world. The United Races have largely laid claim to the lands and the main danger comes from those that live here. Occasionally a barbarian clan, or group of wild creatures will come down from the mountains or out of the desert, but these events are for the most part uncommon.

Land is a valuable resource in the Tazeneen, and an extra couple miles of prime farmland is sometimes worth the potential life of hundreds to claim. It is often a game of chess. Each nation planning several steps ahead to increase their safety and prosperity. Trickery, betrayal, alliances, skirmishes, and bribes are common place along many borders.

Beyond the Tazeneen

Details as to the horrors that cause people to flee to the Tazeneen are lost, but many dangerous creatures continue to roam near the outskirts of it’s protective mountains. These range from unusually sized animals, to creatures that defy standard reason. Few dare to venture beyond the mountains for this very reason.

Creatures and Threats of Tazeneen

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